Summer Camp 2018

Although our 2017 camp season just ended, we are already planning for next year! Be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to our next summer camp season.

2018 Theme: BEYOND BELIEF – The Universe of God

“O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth! When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” Psalm 8:1, 3 and 4

Have you ever stared at the stars at night and wondered if there was something more out there?

That question has driven people to explore outer space, write amazing stories about aliens and space ships, and create movies about life beyond our galaxy. Our ability to understand the universe beyond our own atmosphere may be limited by our need to breathe and our inability to travel at the speed of light, but the creator of the universe had a reason to make something that we’ve always been able to see but can’t simply reach out and touch, and also given us a mind that longs to know why it’s there and what it can teach us. This summer, we will explore the universe through the eyes of our maker and embrace the endless adventures of a new life in Christ; we may even do some star gazing!

If you’d like to join us this summer, please complete and return the registration form.


The full selection of programs (and their dates!) this summer include the following:


Camp Dates Ages/Grades
Staff Training May 23 – June 1
Mom (or Dad) & Me #1 June 4-5 Parents & Campers age 3-7
Grand Camp June 6-8 Grandparents & grandchildren ages 3-8
Senior High Weekend Bash June 8-10 Grades 9-12 (minimum age, 14)
Senior High June 10-15 Grades 9-12 (minimum age, 14)
Junior High June 17-22 Grades 6-8 (minimum age, 11)
Junior July 1-6 Grades 3-5 (minimum age, 8)
Annual Conference July 4-8
Song & Story Fest July 8-14
Worship Arts July 15-20 Grades 6-12 (minimum age, 11)
Fine Arts July 15-20 Grades 6-12 (minimum age, 11)
3 Day July 22-24 Grades 1-3 (minimum age, 6)
Mountain Adventure July 29- August 3 Grades 8-12, (minimum age, 13)
Mom (or Dad) & Me #2 July 25-26 Parent(s) and campers ages 3-7
Survivor July 29 – August 3 Grades 8-12 (minimum age, 13)
Junior “Light” July 30 – August 2 Ages TBD
Family July 20-22 All Ages, minors must be accompanied by an adult age 21+