We cannot imagine going a full summer without seeing you and we believe a virtual
program, while non-traditional, is the best option to safely interact with everyone during
this pandemic. With that, “Connect with Camp” (a virtual platform) will replace our onsite
program this year. We know it can’t truly replace the camp experience, but it gives us a
chance to connect and engage with each other.
What will virtual camp look like? The camps that we offer throughout the summer will now
be offered online. During each scheduled week, campers will access a link (provided when
your registration is received) and experience Inspiration Hills in a whole new way! Nature
hikes, visits with the animals in our Nature Center, Bible studies, campfires, singing, daily
crafts, and tons of different segments hosted by camp staff will be a part of each day. We
will also have surprise visits from camp counselors and Chaplains along with daily devotions
from our Bible theme of the day. We’ll spend some time in the dining hall, cook over an
open fire, delve into science and nature, and even spend some time camping in your own
This summer we will come together virtually to “Shout to the Lord!” and connect with
God by sharing the deepest longings of our hearts in prayer. It doesn’t matter if we fold our
hands and bow our heads, or raise them up and look to heaven; God desires to connect
with all of us.
With your registration of $50 per camp (to cover our costs) we will send you “Camp in a
Box” which will include many of the items you’ll need to experience camp from your home,
including craft supplies, a summer 2020 t-shirt, name tag and water bottle. We’ll even send
a list of what parents can do to make this virtual camp an amazing experience for your
This is not how we planned to “Shout to the Lord” this summer, but our staff is determined
to make this summer camp meaningful and memorable. Please fill out and send in the
registration (via email or US mail) and we will be in contact with you!