The camp continues to look for ways to reach out to new people and to provide a place for leadership development in our district. With this in mind, the Camp Administration has made the decision to immediately begin the renovation of Walnut Lodge so that it can be used to house Brethren Volunteer Service workers and staff. The building will be equipped with 3 self-sufficient apartments (1 upstairs and 2 downstairs) that can house up to 6 people in each unit.

Walnut Lodge has been stripped down to the studs in preparation of new plumbing, electrical panels, wiring, insulation, HVAC and fire barriers between units. The blueprints and artist rendering of the final design follow.

We anticipate the final cost of this renovation to be between 150,000 and 200,000 and we hope to complete the project in 2017. We are looking for additional gifts from congrega- tions, families and individuals to add to the Capital Im- provement funds we have available so that we can bring this project to completion as quickly as possible.

Please prayerfully consider a one time gift from you or your congregation in 2017 to support this new opportunity to develop future leaders within our district and denomination.

Walnut Lodge