Fearless Faith: Finding Courage in Community

All of the Christians who have come before us, and all those who are still to come, are members of the body of Christ. We call this the community of Christ, and our common faith in Jesus, the Son of God, forms an unbreakable bond between us all. Our story has been told for centuries! The faith of those who have come before us strengthens the ways we live as God’s people, helping us to understand who God is, and who God needs us to be.
This summer we will learn from Biblical leaders like Abram and Sarai; Esther;  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; Cornelius, Peter, Mary Magdalene and the other disciples; and many more who used the community given to them by God to stand up to mistrust, enemies, injustice, and fear itself.
You can live the adventure! Join your friends at camp in 2016 as we learn to be a community of God’s people who can fearlessly live out our faith in the world together.