A Short Retreat For High Sschool Youth to Learn Leadership Skills Applicable to all Aspects of Life

shebangThose wishing to be on Summer Staff here at Inspiration Hills are highly encouraged to attend as many of these retreats as possible. Anyone else who wants to stand up and make a difference is also encouraged to attend! We are focusing on discussing how to inspire others to model Christ-like values and behavior as well as how to seek and find innovative ways through experimenting and taking risks. We’ll also play some favorite games and eat some yummy food too! We really hope you come out to learn and have fun with us!

All weekends run from 2 P.M. Saturday – 2 P.M. Sunday except for the April Weekend which runs from 7 P.M. Friday – 2 P.M. Sunday.

Dates for the 2015-2016 shebangs:

December 12-13
January 30-31
February 27-28
March 19-20
April 22-24

Registration forms can be found at the link below–please print one and either send it in ahead of time or bring it with you. Either way, let us know you’re coming!

Leadership Shebang Registration