Be a chaplain

Every week of summer camp needs a spiritual leader to lead Bible Study and campfires, support campers and staff in their understanding of the curriculum, and be an in-person illustration of what it means to live like Jesus.

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join the annual work weekend (April 28-29)

Each year we host volunteers from across the district to help us get the camp ready for summer. Join us overnight or just for the day on Saturday as we tackle indoor and outdoor projects to make sure our campers have the best summer experience. 

This year we’re also hosting two wood cutting days (March 24-25). Help us cut the wood we’ll need for campfires all summer, and take home whatever you need for your own backward bonfires!

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Volunteer in maintenance/facilities

With 200 acres of property and 11 buildings to maintain, we keep our Facility Manager busy! He’s always looking for volunteers who can mow the grass over the summer, do minor carpentry, paint, assist with larger/complicated projects,  and more! Regardless of your skillset, we have a place for you.

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Volunteer in the kitchen

Some people just *love* to do dishes! No, really, we know a few of them. If you’re the kind of person who takes joy in cooking for others, wants to taste all the cookie dough, and thinks an industrial dishwasher is fun, this is your place to shine.

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Volunteer with summer campers

Not a chaplain but want to hang out with campers? We can always use volunteer counselors who are at camp for a full week, as well as volunteers who would like to lead an activity, help at the waterfront, or offer our full-time counselors a break during the day.

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Changing a life changes the world.

Join us this summer as we change lives every day by being the hands and feet of Christ.