We continue to plan for summer camp believing that some of our campers will be able to attend camp this year and are asking congregations for help with adult chaperones since we do not have the budget to hire the normal number of summer staff. We are inviting Mom’s, Dads and other interested adults to volunteer to be a part of a camp week in exchange for one camper scholarship. Your congregation can send a group of adults to assist with the camp of your choice and the same number of campers would receive scholarships that week, OR an adult can bring one child to camp (other than Mom & Me) and the child would receive a scholarship. Please contact the camp office at 419 846-3010 for information and volunteer applications.


The schedule has been modified for a later start date this year and a few camps have been eliminated for 2021 due to budget constraints. If you are one of our Grand Campers PLEASE contact the camp office for alternatives. We hope to be back to our regular camp schedule in 2022!

2021 Summer Camp Schedule

Staff Training June 10-16

Mom & Me Camp* June 17-18 

Senior High Camp June 20-25

Junior High Camp June 20-25

Beginners Camp June 27-29

Junior Camp July 4-9

Junior Camp “Light” July 18-22

Beginners Camp 2.0 July 18-22

*This camp is not eligible for scholarships in exchange for service

Inspiration Hills 2021 brochure

Registration Form 2021

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