Inspiration Hills Camp is a ministry of the Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren.

Our Camp is a set-apart place that promotes awareness of the interdependence of people, nature and God in a community setting


Summer Camp Update

SUMMER CAMPS 2021 We continue to plan for summer camp believing that some of our campers will be able to attend camp this year and are asking congregations for help with adult chaperones since we do not have the budget to hire the normal number of summer staff. We are inviting Mom’s, Dads and other […]


The Giving Tree Update

The Giving Tree Project So many of you have supported the Giving Tree Project that we have been able to sustain the camp operations throughout the fall and well into the spring!  As we look forward, we have no idea what  is in store for the months to come but we certainly know that God […]


Welcome Amanda!

We would like to welcome Brethren Volunteer Service worker, Amanda Orndorff, to camp! She will be coming to Inspiration Hills Camp in January of 2021 to complete a 1 year volunteer term.  Amanda is a 23 year old from Woodstock, Virginia who worked as summer staff for three summers at Camp Brethren Woods in Keezeltown, […]